"The Magical Combination"        

Anne and Grace Fortes
Name: Anne and Grace Fortes
Age: 13
Gender: Female (both)
Hometown: Shelltron Town
Region: Calabarzon
Class: Gym Leader

Anne and Grace Fortes are the twin Gym Leaders of Shelltron Town Gym. Once defeated you can use the Hidden Machine (HM) Defog outside of battle. They give the Love Badge once defeated. They battle in a double battle.

Pokemon UsedEdit


  • Solosis
  • Espeon
  • Kirlia


  • Gothorita
  • Xatu
  • Meditite

Political BackgroundEdit

  • Anne and Grace are known for being Senators.
  • Anne won the Number Three Spot in the 2010 Presidential/Senatorial Elections with 17,344,742 votes under the Pokemon Reform Party.
  • Grace won the Number One Spot in the 2013 Senatorial Elections with 16,305,709 votes being an Independent candidate under the Administration Coalition.


  • Even though their twins they often fight alot but when in battle their like two peas in a pod working together.