CJ Camara
Name: CJ Camara
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pag-asa Town
Region: Calabarzon
Class: Champion

"If you start judging others, you start disregarding yourself"

Pkmn Master CJ (talk) 13:36, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

CJ Camara is the regional champion  , where he  ranks no. 1 in the whole region. He is the hardest trainer to beat, as the player will always lose to him.

According to Prof. Geli,"He is capable of using strtegy at his own pace". A few years later, he made the Elite 4 into Elite 8, so that the League is not an exclusive club for only 5, but 9(including Champion). Then he and Ivan , went to the World Masters tournament, thus, assigning Phil as the Champion.


Pokemon usedEdit


  • Pikachu
  • Noctowl(Shiny)
  • Swampert
  • Quilava
  • Serperior
  • Dialga

File:Trainer card.png


  • Pikachu
  • Noctowl(Shiny)
  • Quilava
  • Abomasnow
  • Swampert
  • Metagross


  • He is the only one where the player must initially lose.
    • This is undoubtedly being mistook where Ivan said he and the Champion are at the exact same level.
  • In his team, Quilava is the only pokemon to fully evolve.
    • Noctowl is the only Shiny Pokemon in his team.
  • All of his Pokemon are all from different generations. 1 in Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova; And 2 in Johto.
    • In Omega, He has 1 Kanto, 2 Hoenn, 1 Sinnoh and 1 Johto